A History of Fine Art in India and Ceylon

Vincent A Smith, AES, 2006, Reprint,  xvi, 238 p, figs, plates, ISBN : 8120620046, $185.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A History of Fine Art in India and Ceylon/Vincent A. SmithContents: 1. India and its art. 2. The Mauryan period. 3. The early period: I. Architecture. II. Sculpture. 4. Mathura and Amaravati: I. The Kushan Period. II. Amaravati. 5. Foreign influences on Indian art: I. The Hellenistic sculpture of Gandhara. II. The extent of the foreign influences. 6. The Gupta period. 7. The medieval cave-temples. 8. The early schools of Indian painting: I. Ajanta and Bagh. II. Ceylon. 9. Architecture and sculpture of the medieval period: I. Medieval architecture. II. Medieval and modern sculpture. 10. Southern India: I. Architecture. II. Sculpture and Bronzes. 11. Ceylon and Java: I. Singhalese architecture and sculpture. II. Singhalese metal castings. III. Java. 12. Central Asia, Tibet and Nepal: I. Chinese Turkistan. II. Tibet and Nepal. 13. The Indo-Muhammadan styles of architecture. 14. Indo-Muhammadan decorative and minor arts: I. Coins, Gems and Seals. II. Sculpture. III. Calligraphy and decorative reliefs. IV. Lattices. V. Inlay and Mosaic. VI. Tiles. 15. Painting: I. The Gujarati school. II. Mughal painting. The modern schools. Bibliography. Index.
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