Child Labour in India

Edited by Usha Sharma, Mittal, 2006, x, 278 p, ISBN : 8183240763, $36.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Child Labour in India/edited by Usha Sharma

Contents: Preface. I. International scene: 1. What constitutes child labour?. 2. Extracts from the international labour code. 3. Resolution concerning the protection of children and young workers. 4. Declaration of the rights of the child. 5. Convention 138 --convention concerning minimum age admission to employment. 6. Recommendation 146--Recommendation concerning minimum age for admission to employment. 7. International year of the child. 8. Child labour and traditional measures. 9. Declaration by the director-general of the ILO concerning the international year of the child. 10. Relevant international instruments covering child labour. 11. The United Nations convention on the rights of the child. II. National scene: 12. Child labour in India/K.M. Saran. 13. Child labor in India/H.A. Hanson. 14. The problem of child labour/Rajani Kanta Das. 15. Social welfare legislation/Rajani Kanta Das. 16. Child labour in India--a story of merciless human wreckage/Katayun H. Cama. 17. Indian constitution and child labour. 18. Towards eliminating child labour --legal framework for state action. 19. Child labour/S.N. Mehrotra. 20. Employment of children. 21. Child labour/V.V. Giri. 22. National Policy for children. 23. List of ILO conventions ratified by India. 24. Extracts from committee on child labour, 1979--report. 25. The committee on child labour. 26. Child labour in India. 27. The National Child Labour Policy, 1987. 28. The Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986 and the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Rules, 1988. 29. National authority for elimination of child labour. 30. Child labour--important committees. 31. Chronology of legislation of child labour in India. 32. Child labour--a statistical survey. 33. Draft for discussion --The Child Labour (Prohibition and Education) Bill, 2001. 34. List of institutions and organisations concerned with child labour. Index.

"Like most problems in India, child labour emerges out of the prevalent socio-economic conditions. But, whatsoever might be the reasons leading to the children seeking employment, it is apparent that these tender beings generally work under conditions detrimental to their health, welfare and development. Most of these children are deprived of even schooling opportunities. However, this social evil has attracted, over the years, the attention of the government, academicians, trade unions and a number of welfare and social organizations.

The present work is a compendium to the wealth of literature on this vital issue of society. It is hoped that the same will be well received in various academic circles." (jacket)

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