Measurement of Playing Field

Edited and compiled by Piyush Jain, Khel Sahitya Kendra, 2006, viii, 224 p, ISBN : 8175243996, $22.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Measurement of Playing Field/edited and compiled by Piyush Jain

Contents: Preface. 1. Physical education and construction of sports facilities. 2. Planning sports facilities. 3. Archery. 4. Athletics. 5. Badminton. 6. Basketball. 7. Boxing. 8. Cricket. 9. Diving. 10. Football. 11. Golf. 12. Gymnastics. 13. Handball. 14. Hockey. 15. Judo. 16. Kabaddi. 17. Kho-Kho. 18. Shooting. 19. Swimming. 20. Table Tennis. 21. Tennis. 22. Volleyball. 23. Wrestling.

"To know each sports and games one should have clear concept about its court dimensions, measurements of playing fields etc. and without these it is worthless to play any sports. In the present book entitled Measurement of Playing Field all the essential facts of measurement of playing field of various popular sports have been critically discussed. The entire book is arranged and enhanced into twenty-three chapters.

This book is a compendium and manual of all the major sports which are played around the world. All the major sports and games are described with their relevant latest and new court dimensions, measurements along with illustrations so that to understand the texts more easily.

It is hoped that the present study will be useful for the sportspersons, students and teachers of physical education and sports, laypersons, and for those indulged in research works." (jacket

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