The Ramayana in Kathakali Dance Drama

Edited by N.K. Singh. Translated by David Bolland, Global Vision Pub, 2006, x, 154 p, ISBN : 8182201829, $28.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

The Ramayana in Kathakali Dance Drama/edited by N.K. Singh

Contents: Preface. Introduction. Ramayana. 1. Ravanodbhava (Ravana's origin). 2. Ravana Vijaya (Ravana's victory). 3. Bali Vijaya (Bali's victory). 4. Sita Swayamvara (The marriage of Sita). 5. Bali Vadha (The death of Bali). 6. Torana yudha (Destruction of the garden). 7. Pattabhisheka (The coronation). 8. Lavanasura vadha (The death of Lavanasura). Index.

"In this book we have presented eight Kathakali plays in English based on Hindu epics-- the Ramayana: Ravanodbhava, Ravana vijaya, Bali vijaya, Sita Swayamvara,  Bali vadha, Torana yudha, Pattabhisheka and Lavanasura vadha. The present book may help the reader to put the events of the Ramayana into their proper chronological order, and to identify the characters on the stage and get some idea of the plot, if he would see a performance of one of these plays." (jacket)

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