Everyday Miracles of Homoeopathy

Vijayalakshmi, Shubhi, 2007, viii, 300 p, ISBN : 8182900190, $25.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Everyday Miracles of Homoeopathy/Vijayalakshmi

Contents: Preface. I. Body mind intellect and the wonder of homoeopathy: 1. Law of similar. 2. The mind and homoeopathy. 3. Children's common diseases. 4. The man and homoeopathy. 5. Alcohol, tobacco and drug addiction. II. Pain and aches: 1. Digestive system and its problems. 2. Diarrhoea and its cure. 3. Diabetes, causes and treatment. 4. Obesity corpulence and treatment. 5. Nutrition count chart. III. Fever symptom not a disease: 1. Sensations as if. 2. Acute and chronic disease. 3. Mixopathy negate cure. 4. Disease, medicine and symptoms. 5. The law of cure. 6. Alternative to surgery. 7. Skin and homoeopathic treatment. 8. Uticaria and the cure. 9. Wart and the treatment. 10. Noise, ears and ear disease. 11. Vertigo and its symptoms. 12. Nose and nasal problems. 13. You and your eyes. 14. Myopia, its causes and cure. 15. Cataract and its treatment. 16. Bronchits, pneumonia and asthma and their homoeopathic cure. 17. Your nails and health. 18. Tumour, cancer and its cure. 19. Have a heart? take care. 20. Insomnia - sleeplessness and homoeopathy. 21. Good health-water, air and sunlight. 22. Fruits, vegetables and good health.

"This book is neither a Materia Medica nor a prescriber. It is the nutshell of the heuristic opinion of Dr. Vijayalakshmi, a practising homoeopath for over two decades homoeopath is neither a doctor nor a specialist, but a caretaker of the patient. The author has tried to cover the maximum diseases which she thinks can be well cured by homoeopathy. This book will be useful to all practioners of homoeopathy as well as those who have interest in this modern science." (jacket)

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