Canada's Global Engagements and Relations with India

Edited by Christopher Sam Raj and Abdul Nafey, Manak, 2007, xiv, 354 p, ISBN : 8178271680, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Canada's Global Engagements and Relations with India/edited by Christopher Sam Raj and Abdul Nafey

Contents: Preface. Introduction. I: 1. Middle power diplomacy of human security/Abdul Nafey. 2. Search for 'Like-minded' partners in Canadian diplomacy/Andrew F. Cooper. 3. Why is the United States not a like minded country?: some structural and historical considerations/James Reed. 4. Canada's changing participation in international peace keeping and peace enforcement: what, if anything, does it mean/Alistair D. Edgar. 5. United Nations peace keeping operations: Indian and Canadian perceptions and experience/Satish Nambiar. 6. Reforming the United Nations: Canadian and Indian perspectives/C.S.R. Murthy. 7. The Ottawa Process/Christopher S. Raj. 8. Canada and international terrorism since 9/11/Christopher S. Raj. 9. Internationalisation of Canada's indigenous identity: a prelude to national recognition?/Priti Singh. 10. Canada and Asia-Pacific: evolving economic partnership/R.L. Chawla and Miniya Chatterjee. II: 11. Canadian-Indian relations: a historical appreciation/John English and Ryan Touhey. 12. Canada and India: a roller coaster ride/Louis A. Delvoie. 13. Envoy from Nehru: Escott Reid in India, 1952-57/Greg Donaghy. 14. Nehru's reactor: the origins of Indo-Canadian Nuclear Cooperation, 1955-59/Greg Donaghy. 15. Mrs. Gandhi's Bombshell: Canadian reactions to India's nuclear detonation, 1974-1976/Mary Halloran. 16. Canada-India relations, convergence and divergence/James Carrick. 17. Canada-India environmental cooperation/Amita Singh. 18. A Jewel in the mosaic: India in Canadian immigration policy and national identity/James Walker. 19. Immigration and multiculturalism in Canada's external relations with special focus on Indian diaspora/Vishnu Priya. Index.

"The compendium examines the contemporary foreign policy concerns and engagements of Canada including relocation and recalibration of its traditional liberal internationalist middle powermanship to address the exigencies of the evolving international order. Academics and practitioners of diplomacy analyze in-depth, themes relating to Canada's search for 'like minded' partners to promote international peace-keeping, human security, anti-personnel landmines ban and the post-9/11 challenges in terms of Canadian multilateralism and bilateral relations with US.

Scholars also trace the trajectory of Canada-India relations, delineating the historical opportunities and current challenges the two intermediate 'like-minded' partners encounter in their bilateral dealings and multilateralist pursuits.

The compendium is the outcome of the ongoing scholarly dialogue between Indian and Canadian scholars and foreign policy practitioners under the aegis of Canadian Studies Programme (CSP) of the Centre for Canadian, US and Latin American Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University and the Centre for Canadian Foreign Policy and Federalism. Waterloo University, Ontario. The CSP is a unique research-cum-teaching programme in an Indian University dedicated to building scholarly understanding of Canada in India." (jacket)

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