A Bite of Paradise : A Novel

O P Arora, Mahamaya Pub, 2007, vi, 104 p, ISBN : 8183250262, $11.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Bite of Paradise : A Novel/O.P. Arora

"This novel portrays a vivid picture of contemporary India--a picture that might baffle many. A lot of cultural churning is going on all around us which only the discerning observers can perceive and gauge. If you care to look beneath the apparently calm sea, it is almost a whirlpool which has swallowed our value-system, our institutions, our moral and spiritual fabric, in short everything that formed the core of our personal and social vision. The youth in particular has gone out with a vengeance to redefine the basic concepts of love, marriage, sexual morality and family-system.

Globalisation too has accelerated the pace of the cultural revolution that we are witnessing today. In these uncertain times only chaos and confusion prevail. Blessed are they who, ostrich-like, shut their eyes to the yawning reality and fail to see the crumbling structures. The glamorous but frivolous world created by the economic and social forces has bedazzled the youth and in their craziness to prove themselves ultra-modern, they have lost, utterly and irrevocable, the moral and spiritual anchor. It is a generation of drifters, the generation not even of 'today' but of 'here and now'. But why blame the youth alone? Everybody shares the maniac run to grab whatever he can; in fact everybody is trying to get 'a bite of paradise'. One of the characters in the novel aptly remarks: as our lives are hollow, we wish to create some kind of fuzz and get momentary excitement.

If in such crazy and turbulent times we hear some sane voices too, they must be like an oasis in the desert. It only goes to prove that all is not lost, that there is still some hope left." (jacket)

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