Christopher Marlowe : A Critical Study

C. David, Anmol, 2007, viii, 398 p, ISBN : 8126130997, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Christopher Marlowe : A Critical Study/C. David

Contents: Preface. 1. Christopher Marlowe: an overview. 2. Tamburlaine the Great: a ten-act Renaissance play? 3. The case for the Christopher Marlowe's authorship of the works attributed to William Shakespeare. 4. Beyond new historicism: Marlowe's unnatural histories and the melancholy properties of the stage. 5. Marlowe, Edward II and the cult of Elizabeth. 6. "And shall I die, and this Unconquered?": Marlowe's inverted colonialism. 7. Casting doubt in Marlowe's Doctor Faustus. 8. History, tragedy and truth in Christopher Marlowe's 'Edward II'. 9. "Marlowe's second city": the Jew as critic at the Rose in 1592. 10. Marlowe and the disordered face of French history. 11. Marlowe's travesty of virgil: Dido and Elizabethan dreams of empire. 12. Fissured families: a motif in Marlowe's plays. 13. Marlowe's Cambridge years and the writing of Doctor Faustus. 14. Epic transgression and the framing of agency in "Dido Queen of Carthage". 15. The politics of access and representing of the Sodomite King in early modern England. Index.

"Christopher Marlowe (1564-93), one of the 'University Wits', is an enlightened English dramatist and poet, who established blank verse as a creative form of dramatic expression. His works include--Tamburlaine the Great, Edward II and Dr. Faustus. He was a predecessor of William Shakespeare.

So far many books have been written on Christopher Marlowe and many researchers have been carried out on his works at different universities. This book is an attempt in direction of portraying him analytically from different angles. Besides his biographical sketch, his literary achievements, a critique of his works is presented, which is penned competently by many different scholars of repute.

Hopefully, this will serve as an ideal reference-cum-helpbook to students and teachers of English literature." (jacket)

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