Postharvest Management and Value Addition

Edited by Ashwani K Goel; Rajinder Kumar and Satwinder S Mann, Daya, 2007, x, 318 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 9788170354543, $70.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Postharvest Management and Value Addition/edited by Ashwani K. Goel, Rajinder Kumar and Satwinder S. Mann

Contents: Preface. Prologue. 1. Soybean food potential and technology for its utilisation in India/Nawab Ali. 2. Postharvest management and value-addition: prospects and opportunities/S.M. Iilyas and R.K. Goyal. 3. Potato processing/R. Ezekiel. 4. Postharvest management/M.K. Garg. 5. Prospects of postharvest technology and value addition in pulses/R.K. Goyal and S.M. Ilyas. 6. Enhancing food and nutritional security through postharvest management and value addition in the present era of globalization/S.P.S. Guleria. 7. Drying technology/D.K. Gupta. 8. Storage of food grains/Sanjay Kumar Jain and R.C. Verma. 9. Pre-cooling of horticultural produce/Satish Kumar and Mahesh Kumar. 10. Process optimization of cereal-banana based ready to eat extruded snack food/K. Karthika, K. Thangavel and R. Viswanathan. 11. Package for export of horticultural produce/S.C. Mandhar and G. Senthil Kumaran. 12. Machinery for raw-mango processing and export of mango/S.C. Mandhar, G. Senthil Kumaran, A. Carolin Rathinakumari and C. Nehru. 13. Priorities for postharvest management of agriculture and allied sectors in North-eastern region/K.K. Satapathy. 14. Nutri-cereals: value-addition of coarse cereals and millets/R.C. Verma and S.K. Jain. 15. Postharvest handling and management of horticultural crops in North-eastern region/D.S. Yadav and R.K. Yadav. Index.

"The book deals with the latest developments in postharvest operations in agriculture, horticulture and vegetable crops. It includes 15 chapters on different topics contributed by the experts in their fields of specializations. The prospects and opportunities in post-harvest management and value-addition have been discussed taking into consideration the present global scenario. Drying being a very important postharvest operation, has been explained in a separate chapter. Storage structures need special care for maintaining the quality of the produce for merchandising in off-season , thus have also been included in this book for the readers. Potato among vegetables and mango among fruits being significant crops, their processing and packaging, respectively, have been keyed out for the entrepreneurs. To highlight the urgent need of value-addition in the present times, the separate chapter on value addition of cereals and soybean has been included. Since horticultural crops are perishable and thier chemical and enzymatic changes deteriorate the quality of the produce, pre-cooling techniques have been elaborated.

This book with the above details would be a reference tool for the researchers, planners and teachers who are engaged in the field of postharvest technology." (jacket)

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