Global Warming and Its Effects on Environment

Som Nath Tiwari, Adhyayan, 2007, viii, 240 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 8184350295, $32.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Global Warming and Its Effects on Environment/Som Nath Tiwari

Contents: Preface. 1. Global warming and climate change. 2. Greenhouse gases and aerosols. 3. Emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. 4. Climatic changes and the ecosystems. 5. Impacts of global warming on environment. 6. Acid rain. 7. Ozone depletion. 8. CO2, climatic change and agriculture. 9. Global environmental changes and future crop production. Bibliography. Index.

"Of the innumerable challenges confronting humanity today, the most daunting yet may prove to be that of global warming. The consequences of human activities have evolved in unprecedented ways; and global warming is the deadliest manifestation of these activities till date.

Global warming is the consequent increase in the global mean temperature, due to enhanced greenhouse effect. But the definition of this term does not end here. It comes with a baggage of destructive potential, and the menace threatens to unleash havoc on the environment on a magnanimous scale.

The present book discusses global warming and its implications in a comprehensive, detailed manner, apart from offering strategies to mitigate it. With its exhaustive coverage of such a current burning topic, the book serves to appear the curiosity of readers." (jacket)

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