Rabindranath Tagore : Songs of Hope

Translated by Mohit Chakrabarti, Mahamaya, 2007, x, 126 p, ISBN : 8183250297, $15.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Rabindranath Tagore : Songs of Hope/translated by Mohit Chakrabarti

"The world of hope is the window of renewal and revival. To Rabindranath Tagore, it is more than that. It is freedom and joy, love and languishment, serenity and poignancy, and, above all, crystallisation of aesthetic and spiritual sensibilities.

The songs of hope as Tagore presents us with diverse avenues of unfolding chidakash - the sky of the mind - also impart a lesson anew and afresh of how to look at life positively and look beyond. We marvellously knit our yesterdays, today and tomorrows with the variegated threads of hope.

A kindred kinship with finer emotions and sensibilities as a spontaneous and inward response to whatever stands for elegance and symphony of life is the incomparable and unparalleled outcome of tuning with Tagore's songs of hope. Indeed, these vibrant songs positively enable us how to heal the wounds of the battered and bruised heart with the elixir of hope.

Ever nourishing and thrilling. Rabindranath Tagore : Songs of Hope will certainly enjoy the revered readers' ardent warmth of acceptance and appreciation." (jacket)

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