Christian Ethics : Issues and Insights

M Stephen, Concept, 2007, 158 p, ISBN : 8180693635, $17.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Christian Ethics : Issues and Insights/M. Stephen

Contents: Preface. 1. Definition and development of ethics. 2. Theories in ethics. 3. Modes of ethical discourses: dentological or contextual. 4. Absolute relative and relational in ethics. 5. Ethics and the use of Bible. 6. A study of the ethics in the Gospels: selected issues. 7. Situation ethics: Fletcher's perspective. 8. Ethical teaching of religious traditions. 9. Bio ethical issues. 10. Poverty, the plight of the world. 11. Economics and eco-ethics. 12. An ethical response to war and peace. 13. Ethics and subaltern perspectives. 14. Modernism, post-modernism and ethics. 15. Ethics for a new world: towards an evaluative approach. Bibliography. Index.

"This book makes a comprehensive study of the foundational aspects of Christian ethics. Dealing with the definition and development of ethics, it discusses in detail the different theories in ethics. It also deliberates on the use of the Bible in ethics, situation ethics, ethics of the Gospels and ethics of various religious traditions. The issues concerning poverty, war and peace, ecology, subaltern perspectives on ethics, and post-modern ethics have been addressed as well." (jacket) 

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