Activities for Children : Teaching Gymnastics Pyramids

Samiran Chakraborty, Sports Pub, 2006, viii, 116 p, ISBN : 8178792702, $11.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Activities for Children : Teaching Gymnastics Pyramids/Samiran Chakraborty

Contents: Preface. 1. Historical sketch of pyramids in general and gymnastics pyramids in particular. 2. Type of pyramids: i. Selection of performers. ii. Dress or attire. iii. Stage or area of pyramids display. 3. How to build and dismantle pyramids?: names to be given to particular pyramid. 4. Qualities develop in participating pyramids programme. 5. How to arrange pyramids display?: i. Care and handling equipments. ii. Use of safety mats. iii. Pyramids for girls. 6. Construction of pyramids with different numbers. 7. Malkhamb pyramids. 8. Physical preparation: i. Warming up exercises. ii. Stretching and conditioning programme. Bibliography. Glossary of the terms. Index.

"The sole purpose of writing this book entitled Activities for Children is to guide and help teachers in physical education in general and instructors in particular, who always find it difficult to arrange a display programme. The present text is certainly a useful tool which will serve dual purpose-to encourage maximum participation among children in most formal way, and secondly, guide teachers and instructors to solve their questions of how, what, and where display should be arranged.

The main features of this book are as: the historical sketch of pyramids in general and gymnastics pyramids in particular, outlines many sub-contents like different types of pyramids, selection of performers, the dress or attire to be worn by the performers, the stage or area where display to be arranged, highlight the qualities that one can develop in participating pyramids programme, suggests how to arrange pyramid display, how to care and handle equipments, use of safety mats, and provide introductory note on pyramids for girls, dealt with the pyramids performed with different apparatuses with particular reference to Malkhamb pyramids, its corresponding illustrations with explanatory notes, suggests numerous warming-up exercises and conditioning programme for developing strength and flexibility. Besides these, a detailed glossary of the terms used have been interpreted in this text." (jacket)

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