Playing Field Measurement Manual

Edited by Rajesh Vaidhya, Prerna Prakashan, 2006, 202 p, ISBN : 8189102478, $20.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Playing Field Measurement Manual/edited by Rajesh Vaidhya

Contents: 1. Construction of grass fields. 2. Archery. 3. Athletics. 4. Baseball. 5. Badminton. 6. Billiards. 7. Basketball. 8. Bowling. 9. Boxing. 10. Cricket. 11. Curling. 12. Diving. 13. Equestrian. 14. Fencing. 15. Football. 16. Golf. 17. Gymnastics. 18. Handball. 19. Hockey. 20. Ice hockey. 21. Judo. 22. Kabaddi. 23. Kho-kho. 24. Netball. 25. Shooting. 26. Swimming. 27. Softball. 28. Table tennis. 29. Tennis. 30. Volleyball. 31. Water polo. 32. Weight lifting. 33. Wrestling.

"The present book Playing Field Measurement Manual is a painstaking effort by the author in the field of physical education and sports. All the measurements, court dimensions of various famous sports popularized all over the world are described in a lucid form with relevant illustrations for better understand the texts.

The texts are written in simple English keeping in mind the language difficulty of the students. Hopefully, the present book will be useful and essential for the students, teachers of physical education and sports, prospective coaches, layperson, sportsperson, and those interested in sports and games." (jacket)

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