Bharatanatyam : Varnam : The Sum and Substance (2 Video CD, Vol. 1 & 2)

Priyadarsini Govind, Swathi Soft Solutions, 2004, $60.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Bharatanatyam : Varnam: The Sum and Substance (2 Video CD, Vol. 1 & 2)/Priyadarsini Govind

"'Varnam' is an important component of Bharatanatyam that ageless and exquisite dance form of India. True to its name, 'Varnam' lends colour, variety and verve to the dance recital and serves as a perfect yardstick to judge the quality of the performance and the competence of the dancer.

Presented by 'Nrithya Choodamani' Priyadarsini Govind, the distinguished danseuse, this product takes aficionados of Bharatanatyam on an exotic voyage through various levels and layers of 'Varnam' marked by delectable delineations.

Volume. 1, 'Theory and Demonstration' contains crisp and coherent explanations supported by vibrant demonstrations. It unveils and analyses all aspects of Varnam with remarkable clarity.

Volume. 2 presents a dazzling recital of two exciting Varnams. Here the cadences of an important component of Bharatanatyam come alive with amazing variety and vibrancy.

The first Varnam, "Manavi..." composed by Ponnaya, one of the haloed Thanjavur Quartet in raga Sankarabharanam set to Adi Tala, is amorous in content and carries allegorical description of the yearning and ultimate union of the soul with the divinity-Lord Brihadisvara of Thanjavur.

The second Varnam, "Nee Manamirangi...." composed by Andavan Pichai in raga Lathangi and set to Adi Tala, stresses the 'bhakti' (devotion) element by extolling the glory of Lord Muruga.

It is a colourful and continuous cascade of all aspects of Varnam like Aruthis, Muthaippu, Svarakshara, Bheejakshara mantra, Karvai, Mukthayisvara and Makuta svara.

In short, it is an audio visual treat to the discerning minds that provides a comprehensive view of all aspects of Varnam."

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