Splendours of Indian Dance (Forms-Theory-Practice)

V Raghavan, Dr V Ragahavan Centre for Performing Arts, 2004, x, 330 p, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Splendours of Indian Dance (Forms-Theory-Practice)/V. Raghavan

Contents: Foreword. Publisher's note. Forms: 1. Bharata Natya. 2. Bharata Natya. 3. Bharata Natya -- classic Indian dance--Sadir-Nautch Controversy. 4. Kathakali and other forms of Bharata Natya outside Kerala. 5. Yaksa Gana--Part I and Yaksa Gana - Part II. 6. The Bhagavata Mela Nataka. 7. The Vithi Bhagavatam of Andhra. 8. The Kandyan Dance. 9. Dance and drama in Ceylon. Theory: 1. Natya Dharmi and Loka Dharmi. 2. Uparupakas and Nrtya-Prabhandhas. Practice: 1. Sabdas. 2. Merattur Kasinatha, a composer of Sabdas of the 18 century A.D. 3. Two new Sabdas on Sri Maharajah Svati Tirunal. 4. The Useni Svarajati. 5. Another rare composition of Merattur Veerabhadrayya. 6. King Shahaji's contributions to music and dance. 7. Her infinite variety. 8. Svati Tirunal's contribution to dance. General: 1. Indian dance. 2. My music and dance experiences in the West. 3. Music, dance and drama -- preservation and propagation of their traditions. 4. Balasarasvati's Classical Bharata Natya School.

From the Publisher's Note: "The present collections of writing by Dr. V. Raghavan offers an exposition of some of our dance traditions, their forms, content, compositions and practice. Among the forms, there is more focus on the Bharatanatyam, the antiquity of which is traced to the Rg Vedic Period; on the other hand there is a detailed analysis of the folk dance theatre-Yaksa gana which makes an interesting study.

Certain topics dealing with theoretical aspects like, the Natyadharmi and Lokadharmi, provide a profound study of the terms, deliberated in an extensive manner, discussing the intricacies of the performing tradition and linking it to authentic source texts.

It is sincerely hoped that both the dance community, particularly the younger generation of dancers as well as researchers, the lovers of art in general would benefit through this publication."

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