Human Rights : With Special Reference to North-East India

Edited by Saifun Nessa; Monideepa Sen and Lolita M Shangpliang, Reliance, 2007, xxvi, 194 p, ISBN : 8175101490, $15.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Human Rights : With Special Reference to North-East India/edited by Saifun Nessa, Monideepa Sen and Lolita M. Shangpliang

Contents: Foreword. Introduction. I. Human rights, conceptualization, education and related issues: 1. Development of the concept of human rights/Khakchang Debbarma. 2. Human rights - whose rights? (Reflections on certain issues)/Abhijit Choudhury. 3. Dichotomy between human rights and basic rights? An overview/Susmita Das and Indrani Choudhury. 4. Human rights - a theoretical perspective/Saidun Nessa. 5. The citizen subalterns : paradoxes of group rights in North East India/Prasenjit Biswas. 6. The concept of human rights and custody jurisprudence/R.A. Begum. 7. Human rights - the road to progress/Ayesha Ashraf Ahmed. II. Human rights, minority, consumer and general public: 8. Human rights vis-a-vis consumer rights with reference to laws/Dilip K. Lahiri. 9. Promotion of human rights and the role of Human Rights Commission in the north east : an appraisal of the Assam Human Rights Commission/R. Manoj Kumar. III. Human rights, women and children: 10. Gender perspective of human rights/Patricia Mukhim. 11. "Child and the law"--in context to trafficking issues/Hasina Kharbhih. 12. Legalization of prostitution is a violation of the human rights of women/Manisha Khetrapal. 13. Human right of the women in India and N.E. in particular/Minati Sarma. 14. The rights of the infants in the Villages of Meghalaya/Ashit Baran Chakraborty and Saifun Neesa. 15. Atrocities on women - violation of human rights : a study of women of Karimgang District, Assam/Mousumi Choudhury. 16. Poster presentation on inclusive and integrated education/Zeenat A. Ali. IV. Human rights and security aspects of North East India: 17. Human rights and security forces in the insurgent north east/B.R. Rana. 18. Status of the internally displaced people in Assam: a human rights perspective/Sumana Das. 19. Constraints and problems of internally displaced persons (IDPS) a study of the plight of the Khasi - PNARS of Assam/Jemino Mawthoh. 20. Human rights vs. insurgency in North East India : role of the higher judiciary/Binayak Dutta.

"Rights and duties are one of the primary concerns of the human civilization. These are closely connected with liberty, growth, development, dignity, responsibility and welfare of the general community. However, knowledge about human rights is neither popular nor well distributed. As a result, violation of human rights is so common that the purpose of the Universal declaration of human rights is defeated considerable number of times.

The techno-hyped societies are progressing fast but the human values are deteriorating miserably. One of the reasons is ignorance about human rights, not only among the illiterate sections but also among the literate and educated ones.

Besides the rest of country, North-East India is the best example of being a slaughter house of human rights. Atrocities on women at home and in workplace, insurgency, problems of drugs, alcoholism among youths and adults, child abuse and flesh trade, extortion, anti-Indian mentality, delay in receiving justice and growth of non-humanitarian values are clear indication of violation of human rights, which has seriously disturbed the peace and tranquility of the region.

Attempts have been made in this book jointly by different authors to understand human rights from variety of angles. These make it a meaningful and interesting study."

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