Annotated Bibliography on Himalaya (4 Vols-Set)

Edited by Yoginder Verma; Virender K Santvan; Pawan K Attri and Pankaj Gupta, Institute of Integrated Himalayan Studies, 2007, 1092 p, 4 Vols, ISBN : 8181820339, $185.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Annotated Bibliography on Himalaya/edited by Yoginder Verma, Virender K. Santvan, Pawan K. Attri and Pankaj Gupta

Contents: Vol. I. Biological Sciences: 1. Agricultural economics. 2. Agriculture. 3. Biology. 4. Botany. 5. Ecology. 6. Economics. 7. Environment. 8. Environmental studies. 9. Extension education. 10. Fishes. 11. Flora. 12. Forestry. 13. Geography. 14. Geology. 15. Horticultural. 16. Natural resources. 17. Plants. 18. Wild life. 19. Zoology.

Vol. II. Economic and Political Aspects: 1. Agricultural economics. 2. Agriculture. 3. Bibliography. 4. Demography. 5. Economic development. 6. Economics. 7. Energy. 8. General administration. 9. Land. 10. Law. 11. Political science. 12. Political system. 13. Public administration.

Vol. III. Physical Science: 1. Adventure. 2. Energy. 3. Environment. 4. Geography. 5. Geology. 6. Land. 7. Mountaineering. 8. Natural hazards. 9. Natural resources. 10. Tourism.

Vol. IV. Social and Cultural Aspects: 1. Arts. 2. Bibliography. 3. Culture. 4. Education. 5. General administration. 6. History. 7. Language. 8. Literature. 9. Music. 10. Philosophy. 11. Public administration. 12. Religion. 13. Sociology.

"The Himalaya has been a source of attraction, inspiration and exploration to people from all walks of life and over the ages. The Himalaya rises abruptly, resulting in a diversity of ecosystems and is rich in biodiversity. The Himalayan society possesses a unique repository of culture and heritage. Different facets of the Himalaya have been described in poetry, fiction, prose, science and art. All this information on the Himalaya is however, scattered. In this era of information technology, it is essential to collate the available information and create an integrated knowledge base. It is also important to disseminate this knowledge because only when information is disseminated among various user groups resulting in strengthening of linkages does it become knowledge. The Institute of Integrated Himalayans Studies (IIHS), "UGC Centre of Excellence", H.P. University, Shimla has made an attempt in this direction to bring this publication. It's research staff documented abstracts of books on Himalayan Region available in different libraries both with in and outside the state. The Institute is further upgrading the annotated bibliography on a regular basis." (jacket)

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