An Enchanted Space : The Private World of Ganesh Pyne

Sovon Som, Centre of International Modern Art Gallery, 2006, 84 p, ills, ISBN : 8187977051, $120.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

An Enchanted Space : The Private World of Ganesh Pyne/Sovon Som

Contents: Preface/Rakhi Sarkar. Ganesh Pyne/Sovon Som. Plates. Chronology. List of illustrations.

"Pyne has always painted dream worlds, a world that 'is only half articulate and leaves the rest to a strange eloquent silence'. Using images from his childhood, religious iconography and the stories of the Bengali epics, he has created an oeuvre that is deeply private, resonant with myth and full of complexity. The enchanted space -- the Private world of Ganesh Pyne is being published on the occasion of one of the major solos of this seminal artist. The last book Ganesh Pyne -- His Life and Times was published in 1998. It traced his early work - the maturing in the fifties and sixties, the anguished response to the Naxalite Movement of the seventies. On the other hand the Enchanted Space focuses on his current work which possesses a new note of sombreness. It reaffirms Pyne's position as one of the most profound and original artists in India today.

This book contains over fifty coloured illustrations." (jacket)

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