A Handbook for Teachers : Research in Teaching of Mathematics

T Swarupa Rani, APH, 2007, xii, 92 p, tables, ISBN : 8131301958, $15.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Handbook for Teachers : Research in Teaching of Mathematics/T. Swarupa Rani

Contents: Foreword. Acknowledgements. 1. The problem and its significance. 2. Review of related literature. 3. Research procedures. 4. Results and discussion. 5. Summary and conclusions. Appendices. Bibliography.

"This book is the result of direct observation and descriptive survey research of the author in identifying the problem solving behaviours of mathematics teachers and students. Problem solving is not mere mathematical procedure or activity, but the mathematics teacher should develop in the children the generalisable problem solving skills further to apply these abilities in their life's problems when ever there is challenging situation.

The book presents a different schedule to exercise and study the process of problem solving and yielding many new ideas into the stages of problem solving. This study is helpful to diagnose the difficulties faced by the children and the teachers of mathematics in following, the process of problem solving. It is also helpful to identify the behaviours expressed by teachers and students to solve adequate, inadequate excess of data problems and establishing the various stages through which problem solving processes take place. This work will be useful to teachers, teacher educators, and student teachers and research scholars of education." (jacket)

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