Social Justice and Empowerment

B T Lawani, Om Publications, 2007, 260 p, ISBN : 8186867422, $42.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Social Justice and Empowerment/B.T. Lawani

Contents: Preface. 1. Empowerment and social justice : a social work perspective/P.D. Mishra and Rakesh Dwivedi. 2. Empowerment : a theoretical perspective/K. Visweswara Rao. 3. Empowering the powerless : 73 Constitutional Amendment and emerging leadership among the Scheduled Tribes in Orissa/Jagannath Ambagudia. 4. Women and social justice in North East India : a discernment from tribal societies/Asok Sarkar. 5. Women empowerment through Self Help Groups in Karnataka/Y.S. Siddegowda and Jagdish B. 6. Disability and social justice in India/Tata Ramakrishna. 7. Social impacts of justice/Awasarikar D.P. 8. National Commission for denotified, Nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes : a historic step by Union Government/Jagadish Jadhav. 9. The Right to Information Act : reinforcement of democratic foundations/B.T. Lawani. 10. Social Justice and women empowerment: a social work perspective/B.S. Gunjal. 11. The Domestic Violence Act, 2005: an empowering weapon for women/B.T. Lawani and B. Ramesh. 12. Constitutional safeguards for social justice and empowerment of Dalits: a reality analysis/Virendra B. Shahare. 13. Scheduled Tribes, protective discrimination and social justice : exploring Constituent Assembly debates/Jagannath Ambagudia. 14. Welfare of Nomadic Tribes : a case study of Maharashtra/Babasaheb S. Ghatage. 15. Urban empowerment through urban micro-planning/R.M. Channaveer. 16. Self Help Groups and women empowerment/Laxmi Putran. 17. Participation of women in Panchayati Raj System/Mohan Kunder. 18. Development caused displacement and social justice/Usha Sarode. 19. Role of Swarnajayanthi Gram Swarozgar Yojana in the empowerment of women/B. Vanitha and C.K. Veeranna. 20. Realizing the problems in administering the principle of equality in Islam in India/I.S. Subhedar. 21. Empowerment of rural working women/Anil Anand Sargar. 22. Social justice and empowerment : a case study of NGO/Divya Thejomurthy.

"The main theme of the book is social justice and empowerment. The social sciences center of Bharati Vidyapeeth University had organised a National Seminar on social justice and empowerment in March, 2006 in Pune. Most of the papers included in the book had been presented in the seminar. Some of the articles are specially written for the current publication.

There are 22 articles related to the main theme of the book. These are divided into sub-themes such as social justice, empowerment, empowerment of Dalits, Empowerment of women, and the social work intervention. Most of these articles are research based and have the strong support of primary data.

The contributors of these articles are academically very strong and written number of articles and books. They are drawn from all over India.

Few articles have also been published in the professional journal entitled participative development, a quarterly, published from Pune.

The topics such as the right to information, domestic violence, and Self Help Groups are of the current nature and needs to be reached to all the segments of the society.

Hence, an effort is made through this book to provide the extensive reading material for the students and teaching community who are concerned with the social justice and empowerment." (jacket)

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