Broadcast Management in India : Major Guidelines and Policy Frameworks

Angela Wadia, Kanishka, 2007, x, 414 p, ISBN : 8173919119, $65.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Broadcast Management in India : Major Guidelines and Policy Frameworks/Angela Wadia

Contents: Preface. 1. Broadcasting: an introduction. 2. Broadcasting in India: various dimensions. 3. National broadcasting policy, rules, acts, and related regulations. 4. National broadband policy, radio communication laws, satellite and cable TV Guidelines. Bibliography. Index.

"This book reflects on various dimensions of broadcasting scenario in India. An introduction of Indian news, radio and broadcast media is presented. Prevailing national and global scenario regarding TV Radio, Radio and television is discussed. Situations regarding cinema, air network is critically analysed. An introductory overview of Indian radio and television is presented. The elaborate profile, resources and services offered by All India Radio is outlined. The position of Phase II of private FM broadcasting in India and the recommendations of FM Radio Committee is described. The evaluation and popularity of community radio broadcasting in India is dealt in detail and a reality check is conducted on whether it needs a fresh policy in the changing rational scenario. The citizen charter in this regard is discussed in addition to the governmental point of view.

The new radio policy and its broadcasting role for a good society and rural progress is discussed. The relationship between television and video flow in India is described and the strategy for making video programme packages is discussed. This book also presents readers with national broadcasting policies, rules, acts and regulations.

The last segment of this book deals with the national broadcast policy, radio communication laws, satellite and cable TV guidelines. The nearly announced norms, guidelines and procedures for satellite communication in India is outlined. This book also provides readers with the details regarding guidelines for use of SNG / DSNG, uplinking of news and current affairs, TV channels and syndication arrangements by newspapers. In sum, this book covers most of the relevant areas dealing with the subject-matter of broadcasting management in India."

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