Federal System and Coalition Government in India : Conflicts and Consensus in Centre-State Relations

Edited by D Sundar Ram, Kanishka, 2007, xviii, 342 p, graphs, ISBN : 8173919283, $42.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Federal System and Coalition Government in India : Conflicts and Consensus in Centre-State Relations/edited by D. Sundar RamContents: Foreword. Preface. List of contributors. 1. Introduction: coalitional governance and centre-state relations in India: from dominant federalism to co-operative federalism/D. Sundar Ram. 2. Changing party system and vitality of the federal structure in India/Haridwar Rai and Vijay Kumar. 3. Exploring representative Governance in India/Snehalata Panda. 4. Representing the states at the federal level: role of the Rajya Sabha/Sandeep Shastri. 5. Role and position of the Indian Prime Minister in coalition politics: assessing the functioning of the UPA Government/N.S. Gehlot. 6. Role of Governor in Indian Federal System: new dimensions under Article 356/R. Gangadhara Sastry. 7. Indian federal system and coalition experiment/S.N. Sadasivan. 8. 73rd Amendment, State Governments and Panchayati Raj in India/S.P. Jain. 9. Growth of regional political parties in India: influence and impact on federal system/R. Yadagiri. 10. Politics of coalition in India: survival and stability/M.R. Biju. 11. Experimentation and exigency in coalition politics in India: a study/J. Ramesh Sundar. 12. Federalism and coalition Governments in India: emerging challenges in center-state relations/T.H. Chowdary. 13. Coalition Governments in India: a way forward for good governance/D. Sundar Ram. 14. Social base of Indian federalism: challenges and prospects/S.S. Sreekumar. 15. Regional political parties and demand for state autonomy: new dimensions in Indian Federal System/Y. Gurappa Naidu. 16. India federalised: how do people look at it?/Harish K. Thakur. Appendices: Annexure I. Recommendations of the Sarkari Commission Report. Annexure II. Recommendations of the Sarkari Commission Report. Annexure III. Recommendations of the National Commission to review the working of the constitution on union-state relations. Annexure IV. Constitutional mechanism for the settlement of inter-state disputes. Appendix V. Chronology of President's Rule in Indian States. Appendix VI. Dr. Rajendra Prasad's speech in the Constituent Assembly of India, the 26 November, 1949. Appendix VII. Address by Dr. Shanker Dayal Sharma, President of India on the occasion of the 50 anniversary of the first sitting of the Constituent Assembly. Index.
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