Ecotourism Development and Management

Edited by B B Hosetti, Pointer, 2007, xiv, 358 p, figs, tables, ISBN : 8171324934, $75.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Ecotourism Development and Management/edited by B.B. Hosetti

Contents: Preface. 1. Concepts, definition and scope of ecotourism/B.B. Hosetti and M.P.M. Pramod Kumar. 2. Perspectives of tourism in India/P. Ujwal. 3. Marketing trends in ecotourism/B.B. Hosetti and M.P.M. Pramod Kumar. 4. Tourism and economic potential/M.P.M. Pramod Kumar. 5. Elements of ecotourism: planning, products marketing and national heritage/Vijayalaksmi. 6. Ecotourism: a conservation tool for wildlife/J.C. Uttangi. 7. Ecotourism--a symbiosis of nature and people/P.K. Mishra. 8. Role of environmental education in ecotourism/A.G. Hemantha Kumar, A.G. Deviprasad and N.R. Rajendra Prasad. 9. Ecotourism and sustainable development/A.G. Deviprasad and N.R. Rajendra Prasad. 10. Ecotourism--ecological and biodiversity perspective/K.R. Sridhar and S. Seena. 11. Beach ecotourism/A.J. Solomon Raju. 12. Bird watching--an essential part of ecotourism/A.J. Solomon Raju. 13. Sport hunting and game viewing: two faces of ecotourism in Tanzania/Paul A. Rees. 14. Butterfly gardens and ecotourism/George Mathew. 15. World heritage monuments of India/G. Sarvamangala. 16. Hill stations of India/B.B. Hosetti. 17. Wetland biodiversity and its importance in tourism/J. Narayana. 18. Ecotourism in Karnataka: prospects and strategies/A.K. Chakravarthy. 19. Ecotourism in western ghats of Karnataka, South India/A.K. Chakravarthy. 20. Ecotourism in Andhra Pradesh/Bharatha Lakshmi. 21. National parks and sanctuaries of Andhra Pradesh/B. Bharatha Lakshmi and B.T. Rao. 22. The pelican paradise--Nelapattu bird sanctuary/S. Ameer Basha and N.V. Nanda Kumar. 23. Thermal springs: sites for recreation and ecotourism development in India/B.R. Manjunatha. 24. Ecotourism and zoo management in tiger-lion safari, Thyavarekoppa/R.D. Raghava and V.M. Sulfikar Ali. 25. Jurong birdpark: a model for ecotourism/Abraham Verghese, K. Sridevi and D.K. Nagaraju. 26. Tourist places of Goa/Samuel Christopher. Index.

"Ecotourism is part of the general growth in tourism and reflects increased environmental awareness and the desire for more authentic natural and cultural experiences. With the advent of better transport facilities and communication, people are travelling further and taking more risks in the choices for a holiday from staying with local people in developing countries to adventure sports in some of the world's most remote wilderness areas. Not surprisingly, various sections of the tourism industry have responded with customised itineraries and eco-friendly accommodation supporting local development efforts.

At the same time ecotourism activities occur not only in and around national parks and wildlife sanctuaries but also even more significantly in forest areas and other natural areas which have varied attractions and more relaxed legal restrictions. Adventure activities such as hiking, river rafting and snorkelling are increasingly becoming part of the experience that attracts visitors to natural areas and destinations in general. India is fortunate to have extensive mountain ranges and coastal areas in which ecotourism can play a significant role.

This book contains 26 chapters spread in three sections. Section I deals with basic concepts of ecotourism. Chapter 1 narrates concepts, scope and definition of ecotourism. Recent trends in ecotourism marketing are presented in chapter 2 and chapter 3 deals with economic potential of ecotourism. The other chapters in section I include elements of tourism, national heritage, nature and people, environmental education and biodiversity perspectives.

Section II deals with chapters on ecotourism development in India. They are beach tourism, bird watching, sport hunting in Tanzania, butterfly gardens, world heritage sites, hill stations and Ramsar wetlands of India.

Section III embodies eight chapters related to case studies. These are ecotourism in Karnataka, ecotourism in Andhra Pradesh, Thermal springs, tiger and lion safari, Tuvarekoppa, Jurong bird park, Singapore and tourist places of Goa." (jacket)

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