A Critical Analysis of Vikram Seth's Poetry and Fiction

Seemita Mohanty, Atlantic, 2007, xiv, 272 p, ISBN : 8126908318, $33.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Critical Analysis of Vikram Seth's Poetry and Fiction/Seemita Mohanty

Contents: Acknowledgements. Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Poems 1981-1994: i. Mappings. ii. The Humble administrator's garden. iii. All you who sleep tonight. iv. Three Chinese poets. v. Beastly tales from here and there. 3. Poems 1981-1994: a study in style. 4. The golden gate. 5. A suitable boy. 6. An equal music. 7. Conclusion. Select bibliography. Index.

"The book, through critical analysis and assessment, tries to establish Seth as a powerful and serious writer, who deserves to be taken seriously, both by the general reader and the discerning scholar and researcher. The analyses concentrate on his individual books and attempt to trace the continuity of Seth's thought-process, motivation and attitudes, as well as the dimensions of his structural control over the medium. It is a comprehensive account of Seth's poetry and fiction contained within a singular volume. An attempt has also been made to briefly place Seth as an Indian writer of English, in the context of the development of Indian English literature, particularly in the post-independence period.

On the whole, Seth in his poetry and fiction, puts continuous emphasis on love and relationship, and explores their many dimensions in a shifting, changing and corroding background. At the same time he incorporates together the complementary segments of life as available in the modern world into a meaningful form. His creative insight and creative achievement could be considered as one of the finest in the post-1980 Indian English literature. This book reflects all these and much more.

It is hoped that students and teachers of Indian English literature will find this book an extremely useful reference source while the general readers who are interested in literature in English will find it intellectually stimulating." (jacket)

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