Basic Principles of Economic Geography

R N Chauhan, ABD Pub, 2007, vi, 244 p, ISBN : 8183761017, $42.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Basic Principles of Economic Geography/R.N. Chauhan

Contents: Preface. 1. The physical environment. 2. The influence of climate. 3. The influence of vegetation. 4. The influence of animal life. 5. Some important crops. 6. Some important industrial crops. 7. Livestock and animal products. 8. The distribution of minerals. 9. Sources of mechanical power. 10. Location of manufactures. 11. The distribution of population. 12. Labour. 13. Race transference and colonisation. 14. Transport and communication. 15. The development and course of trade. 16. The origin and growth of towns. 17. Trade routes by sea. 18. Land routes. Index.

"Various factors, events, conditions, occurrences and constituents of geography have tremendous bearing on distribution of resources resulting in wide disparity in the level of economic activity in the nation or region concerned. Such differences impact no production, manufacturing and resource utilisation capacity of the nations. Each and every such factor has been dealt with in the present book." (jacket)

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