Lyric - Lute

Mahendra Bhatnagar, Vista International Publishing House, 2007, xvii, 275 p, ISBN : 8189942038, $33.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Lyric - Lute/Mahendra Bhatnagar

From the Foreword: "Mahendra Bhatnagar-Samgra's collection of Hindi songs 'Lyric-Lute' has been translated into English by two extraordinary brilliant scholars of poetry and critics namely Dr. Shaleen Kumar Singh and Dr. (Ms.) Kalpana Rajput. There are some poems, and, as the title suggests, lyrics echo in the minds like the sweet sound of 'lute'. It is acknowledged that Dr. Mahendra Bhatnagar has been composing poems since 1941 and still he is moving along the path of poetry.

The poems 'Lyric-Lute' collection touch many fields and spheres of romanticism, mysticism, humanism and a wider perception of human society. In spite of all those glaring facts of life, his poems mainly concern 'himself'. He has own view point in looking at certain things. His joys and sorrows and pleasant and unpleasant experiences of life have enriched his poetry. He is sad but not disappointed. Optimism is the basic structure of his creativity. Nature is not nature in narrower sense in his poetry but the 'Moon' is always there in his night paintings."

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