Handbook on Himalayan Salamander

Kaushik Deuti and V D Hegde, Nature Books India, 2007, viii, 56 p, maps, plates, $15.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Handbook on Himalayan Salamander/Kaushik Deuti and V.D. Hegde

Contents: Foreword. Acknowledgements. Dedication. 1. Introduction. 2. The adult Salamander. 3. Breeding behaviour. 4. Salamander egg. 5. The salamander larva. 6. Metamorphosis to the juvenile. 7. Hibernation. 8. Distribution. 9. Threats to the species. 10. Conservation suggestions. 11. References.

From the Foreword: "This Handbook on Himalayan Salamander is the first of its kind on the unique and rare tailed amphibian, the only species of the Order Urodela found in India. It is a keystone species of the Lentic habitats in the Eastern Himalaya. Little is known about its biology, but what is certain about them is that unless their wetland habitats survive they cannot breed. The authors have done a detailed survey enabling themselves to determine the breeding habitats of this species in the Darjeeling hills. They have successfully compiled the characteristics of the adults, eggs and larvae as well as the breeding biology of the species and have given suggestions on the conservation measures to be taken in order to protect the species.

The handbook is written in a popular and lucid language, and is well illustrated with colour photographs. This handbook will be useful to the nature-lovers, tourists, wildlife biologists, forest officials and academicians alike."

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