Ageing in North East India, Vol. I. Magnitude of the Problems of Elderly Persons in Mizoram

Edited by Lianzela and Vanlalchhawna, Akansha, 2007, xii, 120 p, tables, ISBN : 8183701020, $20.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Ageing in North East India, Vol. I. Magnitude of the Problems of Elderly Persons in Mizoram/edited by Lianzela and Vanlalchhawna

Contents: Foreword. List of contributors. Introduction. Keynote address. 1. Magnitude and growth of elderly population in Mizoram/Vanlalchhawna. 2. Social and economic status of elderly persons in Mizoram/Thangchungnunga. 3. Ageing gracefully: role and activities of Mizoram Upa Pawl/Thanseia. 4. Health conditions and access to health care services by elderly persons in Mizoram/Jane R. Ralte. 5. Social and economic security programme for elderly persons in Mizoram: role of state government/Lalbiakkimi. 6. Social work intervention with the elderly/Kalpana Desai and Lalmuanpuii. Annexures: 1. Rapporteurs' Report/Lalhriatpuii and James L.T. Thanga. 2. State policy for older persons in Mizoram. Bibliography. Index.

"The ageing of the population which first took place in the developed countries has now become a worldwide phenomenon. India is also no exception to this phenomenon. The ageing of the Indian population, which started since 1960, has accelerated after 1971.

The book, is a collection of seminar papers, presents a broad overview of the magnitude of the problems of elderly persons in Mizo society. The book focuses on various dimensions related with the ageing of the population of the state -- the demographic profile of the elderly population in Mizoram, the changing roles and status of elderly persons in Mizo society, the role and activities of senior citizens organisation, health conditions and health-care interventions available with the elderly, social security systems provided by the state and the scope of gerontological social work intervention across institutional and non-institutional settings.

The book stresses that, since the process of ageing is a biologically inevitable phenomenon, society needs to have a fresh look as to how the elderly persons should be looked after." (jacket)

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