Mahatma Gandhi : Sociological and Political Thinker

N P Shukla, Manglam Pub, 2007, x, 294 p, ISBN : 8190472784, $39.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Mahatma Gandhi : Sociological and Political Thinker/N.P. Shukla

Contents: Preface. 1. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi: an introduction. 2. Gandhi Ji's economics. 3. Group against government. 4. Organisation and discipline. 5. Discipline for satyagraha. 6. War and satyagraha. 7. Emergence of satyagraha. 8. Vision of a non-violent. 9. Critical appreciation of Mahatma Gandhi. 10. Gandhi Ji's pedagogy. 11. Vykom satyagraha. 12. Salt Satyagraha. Bibliography. Index.

"Mohandas K. Gandhi, called Mahatma, was the father of modern India, but his influence has spread well beyond the subcontinent and is as important today as it was in the first part of the twentieth century and during this nation's own civil rights movement. Mahatma Gandhi introduces us to his thoughts on politics, spirituality, poverty, suffering, love, non-violence, civil disobedience, and his own life. The pieces collected here, with explanatory head notes offer the clearest, most thorough portrait of one of the greatest spiritual leaders the world has known." (jacket)

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