Maritime Pollution and Prevention

S.M. Tyagi, Anmol, 2007, viii, 270 p, ISBN : 8126132010, $28.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Maritime Pollution and Prevention/S.M. Tyagi

Contents: Preface. 1. Looking into Maritime pollution. 2. Causes and sources of marine pollution. 3. Preventive steps. 4. Ship pollution. 5. Marine debris. 6. Anthropogenic impact in the sea and marine pollution. 7. Oil pollution of the sea. 8. Understanding marine ecology. 9. Safe shipping. 10. International convention for the prevention of pollution from Ships. 11. Marine protected area. 12. Largest oil spills. Index.

"Maritime pollution and Prevention is written for the students of marine science and engineering and academicians. This book includes all modern trends and developments associated with this field. The chapters are selected keeping in view of the subject courses followed by different universities.

This book will prove equally beneficial for common readers who are interested in science and general knowledge. The book is based on research methodology. Therefore the pages bring out factual honesty in a candid manner." (jacket)

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