Art and Culture of Himalayas

Edited by K.S. Gulia, Isha Books, 2007, 362 p, tables, ISBN : 8182054184, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Art and Culture of Himalayas/edited by K.S. Gulia

Contents: Introduction. 1. Lost vision: Art in the Himalayan region today. 2. The Himalayan tribes. 3. The Tribes of Nepal. 4. Himalayan polyandry. 5. Himachal: arts and manufacturing. 6. Aspects of cultural ecology: Sikkim. 7. Tradition as a factor in modernization--a case study of Bhutan. 8. Art and painting: Uttarakhand. 9. Myth, history and man. 10. Pahari Painting : Himachal and Jammu Kashmir. 11. Social culture of Kumaon Himalaya. 12. Social culture of Jammu and Kashmir. 13. Jagar-Spirit possession seance in Kumaon. 14. Nepali Art. 15. Ladakhi Popular culture. Index.

"A number of factors are responsible for disappearance of different art forms from the Himalayan region. The main among them are social, economical and ecological ones. The cultural invasion from outside is also one of them. During Mughal, Sikh and Rajput periods, the Himalayan art and culture was at its zenith. But during the British period, it took a nosedive. The British were rather pragmatic and matter of factly. They wasted no efforts on vain and inane aesthetics even in the building activities. They raised buildings rather for public schools, hospitals and other public utilities only.

This volume describes the social constitution, its polyandrous marriage systems and peculiar customs and rituals, paintings, sculptures and religious practices of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. This book is a must read for the serious students of art, culture, sociology and anthropology." (jacket)

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