Ageing in Rural India

K Visweswara Rao, The Associated Pub, 2007, xiv, 220 p, ISBN : 8184290608, $34.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Ageing in Rural India/K. Visweswara Rao

Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. Concept of ageing. 2. Demographic profile of the elderly. 3. Research studies on elderly in India. 4. Policies and programmes for the elderly. 5. Problems of the rural elderly in Andhra Pradesh. References. Appendices.

"The book ageing in rural India is an attempt to focus on different aspects of ageing and gives an overview of the concept of ageing, demographic profile, review of various research studies conducted on urban and rural elderly in India. Besides these, the programmes and facilities available for the elderly in India have been discussed. An attempt has been made to enquire into the social, economic, health and other problems of the elderly in rural Andhra Pradesh. Further, an attempt is made to measure the attitudes of two sample groups toward the elderly by administering an attitude scale developed by Tuckman and Lorge. The study reveals that the elderly belonging to the weaker sections of the community, landless, female elderly, especially the widows, are the worst sufferers among the elderly in rural areas. The attitudes of two study groups indicate mostly negative toward the older people. However, the persons living with elderly, women are held more positive attitude toward the elderly, suggesting more integrated and family based programmes are required for enhancing the quality of life of the elderly in India. The planners, policy makers and administrators need to look into these issues. This book would be of immense help to the students, research scholars, teachers, age care workers and the NGO functionaries, who are associated with the welfare of the elderly." (jacket)

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