Political Culture in Bangladesh : Perspectives and Analyses: Selections from the Journal of Bangladesh Studies

Edited by Syed Saad Andaleeb, The University Press Limited, 2007, xxxii, 374 p, tables, ISBN : 9840517821, $36.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Political Culture in Bangladesh : Perspectives and Analyses: Selections from the Journal of Bangladesh Studies/edited by Syed Saad Andaleeb

Contents: Abbreviations. Contributors. Preface. 1. Reflections on democracy and development in Bangladesh/Nurul Islam. 2. Sovereignty, national interests and the challenges of democratization in Bangladesh/Zillur R. Khan. 3. On good governance/Abul Maal A. Muhith. 4. Political leadership and legitimacy among the urban elite in Bangladesh/Syed Saad Andaleeb and Zachary T. Irwin. 5. Towards institution building in Bangladesh: trends in democracy and human rights/Syedur Rahman. 6. Aspirations and realities: parliaments and the democratic culture/Zillur R. Khan. 7. Mediating political conflict in a confrontational environment: the experience of the G-5/Rehman Sobhan. 8. National Budgets and public spending patterns in Bangladesh: a political economy perspective/Wahiduddin Mahmud. 9. Political economy of sustainable development in Bangladesh/Amin U. Sarkar. 10. Effects of political instability on the domestic savings rate in Bangladesh: an empirical study/Rahim M. Quazi. 11. Indo-Bangladesh relations: context, concerns, hopes/Ahrar Ahmad. 12. The Bangladesh-India Friendship Treaty: a critical analysis/Choudhury M. Shamim. 13. The Forgotten Biharis: policy options for their repatriation and rehabilitation/Tazeen M. Murshid. Index.

"Political Culture in Bangladesh: Perspectives and Analyses presents the thoughts of prominent thinkers about political issues pertaining to Bangladesh about which there is need for serious contemplation and action. It contains ideas about the country's political culture, challenges of democratization, approaches to institution building, issues of leadership and legitimacy, and the continuing saga of conflict between the two main political rivals and possible solutions. Additional chapters address the political economy of formulating national budgets, sustainable development, effects of politics on domestic savings, external political relations, and how to deal with a minority community -- the Biharis -- left since 1971 to the whims and indifference of national and international bodies to be integrated into Bangladesh society or be repatriated.

The Journal of Bangladesh Studies (JBS), from which the thirteen articles were selected, is the premiere journal on Bangladesh that addresses policy issues by encouraging articles from a wide span of social science disciplines and interdisciplinary areas.

JBS receives articles from and reaches out to scholars, researchers and students of Bangladesh in four continents." (jacket)

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