Labour Out Migration in Orissa : A Socio Economic Study

Bishnu Narayana Sethi, Mohit Pub, 2007, xii, 148 p, tables, ISBN : 8174453976, $22.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Labour Out Migration in Orissa : A Socio Economic Study/Bishnu Narayana Sethi

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Overview of literature. 3. Socio-economic features of migrant and non-migrant households. 4. Impact of migration on rural economy. 5. Concluding observations and suggestions. Bibliography. Index.

"This book deals with the genesis of labour migration in Orissa and focuses the exploitative land revenue policy of British regulating in Landless poverty stricken agriculture labours who migrated to various cities and British colonies with special reference to Orissa. The book also studies the problems of labour migration in rural areas of Ganjam District in which the study adopted a multi stage stratified random sampling procedure to select the village. This book also highlights socio economic and demographic features of migrants as well as non-migrant households in terms of their age, landholding, earning remittances, indebtedness etc. This book also attempts to examine the effectiveness of Employment Assurance Scheme in Orissa and explore measures to make state intervention in support of the downtrodden more effectively. In the last chapter of the book suggestions are forwarded as policy implication of the study." (jacket) 

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