Issues on Natural Resource Management : With Special Reference to North-East India

Edited by Utpal Kumar De and Francis Kulirani, Regency Pub, 2018, First Published in 2007, reprint, xviiii, 272 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 8189233513, $85.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Issues on Natural Resource Management : With Special Reference to North-East India/edited by Utpal Kumar De and Francis Kulirani

Contents: Preface. Background. I. Human resource and natural resource management: 1. Dimension of human resource and the management of natural resources/Utpal Kumar De. 2. Human resource development and natural resource management: an approach in Meghalaya/Mreeshi Agarwala and Keshav C. Das. 3. Human resource development and the management of natural material resources of Meghalaya/S. Aravamudhan. II. Management of some renewable resources: 1. Financial management and sustainability of selected fish production units in Burdwan District of West Bengal/Soumyendra Kishore Datta and Ruma Kundu. 2. An alternative model of governance for civic drinking water supply: a note/Arunoday Saha. 3. Effects of deforestation on environment in border area of Meghalaya/Rezina Ahmed. 4. Prospect of Bamboo Culture in Nagaland: a note/Mithilesh Kumar Sinha. 5. Problems and prospects of biological resource utilization in Meghalaya/S.R. Joshi. III. Society, resource management and economic development: 1. Dynamics of coal extraction in Meghalaya and its implications/Utpal Kumar De, Lambodar Rout and Gurudas Das. 2. Household's characteristics and dependency on common property resources: a study in Arunachal Pradesh/Pravat Kumar Kuri. 3. Natural resource management and socio-economic development of West Garo Hills of Meghalaya/Keshav C. Das and Mreeshi Agarwala. 4. Community and natural resource management/Amalesh Banerjee. IV. Population, education and indigenous knowledge: 1. Population growth and natural resource degradation in and around Guwahati City/Nilofar Jasmin and Kanta Chakraborty. 2. Natural resource management by 'Lisus' in the Southeastern Part of Namdapha National Park, Arunachal Pradesh/R. Sarmah, A. Arunachalam, D. Adhikari and M. Majumdar. 3. Role of education in preservation and enrichment of forest resources in Meghalaya/Surojit Sengupta and Sumana Paul. V. Tourism and resource management: 1. Eco-cultural tourism as an alternative strategy for sustainable Natural Resource Management: a case study of Meghalaya/M. Sashikumar and R.R. Gowloog. 2. Tourists Resource Management: an approach for North-East India/Prasanta Bhattacharya. VI. Disaster control and resource management: 1. Flood management and interlinking of rivers: a case study of Brahmaputra in Assam/B.P. Sahu. 2. The place of disaster management in North-East India's development Matrix/Anup Saikia.

"Depletion, degradation and thus management of natural resources have become an important issue worldwide for sustaining human civilization and its progress. Several factors like population growth, incidence of poverty, unplanned economic activities, ownership rights and faulty system of management as well as government policies are identified to be the major reasons for this. The both-way linkages between the availability and quality of resources and economic and human development have been established in several writings theoretically and empirically that provide useful insights for the policy formulation and judicious management of resources. Attempts have been made at different national and international fora to raise awareness among the people and formulate ways for the sustainable management and utilisation of resources. In spite of having huge potential resources, North-East India failed to tap and judiciously use those for the development of the regional economy. However, the region has also been observing degradation of such natural resources.

The present volume is a collection of good articles highlighting the issues and problems of management of natural resources in connection with the development of economy. Also the linkage between human resources and management of natural resources is analysed along with the analysis of role of society, education of the people and traditional knowledge especially in the North-East India for the management of resources both renewable and non-renewable. A part of the volume is also devoted for the management of tourism and related resources along with the description of resource management under natural disaster, which assumed much importance after the observation of Tsunami in recent past and huge loss of property and human life.

Thus, the book is expected to be a great help to the researchers and students of social sciences especially those who are interested in North-East India and also to the general readers interested in the aspects of resource management. It will be a good acquisition by the concerned academicians." (jacket)

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