Engines of Creation: New Era of Nanotechnology

Siddharth Vaidya, Pearl Books, 2007, viii, 320 p, ISBN : 8189979096, $47.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Engines of Creation: New Era of Nanotechnology/Siddharth Vaidya

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction to nanotechnology. 2. Nanotechnology in medicine (nanomedicine). 3. Today's nanotechnology. 4. Molecular manufacturing: what, why and how. 5. Exploring the molecular world. 6. Mechanical engineering and nanotechnology. 7. Introduction to nanopharmaceuticals. 8. Nanotechnology: small things and big changes. 9. Nanotechnology trends. 10. Nanotechnology and developing countries. 11. India poised for breakthrough in nanotechnology. 12. Molecular manufacturing and the developing world. 13. Environmental campaign. 14. Nanotechnology in the pharmaceutical industry. 15. Trends and forces in science and technology. 16. Materials science and technology. 17. Computer and information science and technology. 18. Trends in the economy and industrial strength. 19. Trends in science and technology. 20. Trends in biomedical and agricultural sciences. 21. Trends in industrial R&D management and organization. Bibliography. Index.

"Nanotechnology is the postulated ability to manufacture objects and structures with atomic precision, literally atom by atom. This represents the ability of living cells.

The technology will have tremendous potentials as it can be developed; simple applications involve the creation of new and powerful materials, perfect diamond in bulk quantities and a tool to manipulate objects on any scale. More advanced applications would involve massively parallel nanocomputers, self-replication and more or less bright nanodevices able to interact with their surroundings. Since there are tremendous amounts of material on nanotechnology and its possibilities, implementation and limitations. This book deals mainly in the researches and development and future trends of the nanotechnology." (jacket)

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