Bureaucracy and Public Administration

A P Gujjar, Sublime, 2007, vi, 290 p, ISBN : 8181921055, $47.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Bureaucracy and Public Administration/A.P. Gujjar

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. The bureaucracy in the political system. 3. Accountability and responsibility. 4. Characteristics of bureaus. 5. Bureaus and their environment. 6. The bureaucrat's maximand. 7. Budget and output behavior. 8. Production behavior. 9. The "mixed" bureau. 10. The multi-service bureau. 11. Effects of the time-distribution of expenditures. 12. The behavior of collective organisations. 13. A model of the review process in representative government. 14. Bureaucratic behavior in a competitive environment. 15. An aggregative model of public services in the United States. 16. The basis for normative judgments. 17. Bureaucratic alternatives. 18. Market alternatives. 19. Political alternatives. 20. A summary agenda. 21. The peculiar economics of bureaucracy. 22. Bureaucrats and politicians.

"Bureaucracy and representative government are at the center of a storm. A large part of our population wants to expand the role of government, particularly to alleviate poverty and improve the environment.

The 'New social engineers" somehow maintain an optimism, in the face of the most devastating evidence, that systems analysis and program budgets will make bureaus more responsive and efficient. And the bureaucracy itself, like the eye of a meteorological storm, is calm, and moving slowly, captured by the general direction of the storm but unaffected by its peripheral winds.

It is hoped that the book will be found to be of immense value to teachers, researchers, students and the public alike." (jacket)

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