HRD Practices in Service Industry : A Study of Women Employees

M K Patel, RBSA Pub, 2006, viii, 316 p, tables, ISBN : 8176113298, $42.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

HRD Practices in Service Industry : A Study of Women Employees/M.K. Patel

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction to service sector. 2. Women in service sector. 3. HRD practices in Indian Railways. 4. HRD practices in tourism industry. 5. HRD practices in research institutes. 6. HRD practices in post and telegraph offices. 7. HRD practices in telecom sector. 8. HRD practices in civil aviation. 9. HRD practices in health sector. Bibliography.

"Human resources are the vital part of an organisation's growth. The development of human resources carries a vast importance for the future of the organisation.

This book highlights HRD general practices, HRD climate, industrial relations, wages and salary, welfare activities, promotion and transfer, performance appraisal, recruitment and training and development practices in various service sector's organisations in India. Today HRM/HRD is not an isolated practice or a department in the organisation. It is a force, which binds the whole organisation. It is the aspect, which solves the problems related to human resource in the organisation. Human resource is an important aspect of management, which motivates the human power to take the challenges faced by the organisation in the third millennium. This book analyses the problems, prospects and strategic role of HRD in service organisations with special focus on women employees. The book contains seven service organisations and 1,300 women employees of different units. Some views and experience from management of different organisations are also reflected." (jacket)

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