Child Labour in India

Babita Agrawal, ABD Pub, 2007, xvi, 242 p, tables, ISBN : 8183761345, $42.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Child Labour in India/Babita Agrawal

Contents: Foreword. 1. Child Labour in India--areas of work, effects and elimination/Babita Agrawal. 2. Dimensional analysis of child labour in India/Anil Gupta and Archana Vijayant. 3. Government policies and programmes against child labour/J.C. Pant and Upasna Sharma. 4. Problem of child labour--a gravity analysis in context of demand and supply determinants (an empirical study in Urban, Agra)/V.P. Tripathi and Deepa Rawat. 5. Education and child labour/Meenakshi Sharma. 6. Child labour--its inception, development and eradication in India/Pallavi Srivastava. 7. Working children--hazardous work/Suman Lata. 8. Child abuse and child labour/Prabha Singh. 9. Bonded child labour in India/Anupam Sharma. 10. The problem of child labour and voluntary sector in India/Sarita Jain. 11. Child labour in India--causes and governmental policies/Dipti Rani. 12. A study of child labour and its impact over household income/Bhavna Agrawal. 13. Female work participation and child labour/Deepa Agrawal. 14. Working avenues of child labour in India/Upasna Sharma. 15. Child labour and its impact on their health/Manila Rohatgi. 16. Child labour/Sarika Garg. 17. Child labour in India--causes and remedies/Prabha Singh and Arun Kumar Singh. 18. Child labour--still a long dream to realise/Shaily Chauhan. 19. Child labour in India--governmental policies and the role of education/R.C. Agrawal, Babita Agrawal and Sonika Singh.

""The Child is a soul with a being, a nature and capacities of its own must be helpful to find them, to grow into their maturely into a fullness of physical and vital energy and the nation"--Justice P.N. Bhagwati, Former Chief Justice of India.

Child labour practice is a worldwide phenomenon. Developed countries have also this problem. This problem has given rise to a number of socio-economic problems. It is beyond doubt that children are forced by circumstance to do labour in a tender age when they should have been studying in school. These circumstances are poverty, unemployment, large family, illiteracy and ignorance of parents. Besides these poor labour legislation, inadequate inspecting machinery, absence of provision for compulsory education etc are also some of the reason responsible for child labour. We need lot of efforts, not only from the society but also from the government as a whole, to tackle this problem. If we want to eradicate this problem all over the world every individual including the employers, parents, NGO's, international agencies, have to work together. However, with children under 14 years banned from working in factories and homes, since 10 October 2006, the government is gearing up for a rehabilitation programme. The Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh also called for the abolition of child labour. In a statement, he said arrangements have been made to educate children released from work under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. The Prime Minister even warned of firm action against those found violating the ban.

This book is a collection of various articles to highlight the main issues related to this field." (jacket)

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