Karnataka Government and Politics

Harish Ramaswamy; S S Patagundi and S H Patil, Concept, 2007, xx, 444 p, tables, maps, ISBN : 818069397X, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Karnataka Government and Politics/Harish Ramaswamy, S.S. Patagundi and S.H. Patil

Contents: Preface. Introduction. 1. Karnataka/K. Raghavendra Rao and A.M. Rajasekharaiah. 2. Geography of Karnataka/Y.M. Madar and B. Hyamavathi Reddy. 3. The emergence of modern Karnataka : history, myth and ideology/K. Raghavendra Rao. 4. Karnataka's political culture: reflections on a soft state/R.L.M. Patil. 5. Office of the Chief Minister/S.A. Palekar. 6. Evolution of the office of the speaker in Karnataka/K.F. Pawar. 7. Judiciary in Karnataka/I. Sharath Babu. 8. The leader of the opposition of Karnataka Legislative Council, 1995-1998: a functional analysis/Vijayakumar N. Torgal. 9. The functions of Public Service Commission/Okaly B.B. Patil. 10. The Karnataka Government Secretariat/Vijayakumar N. Torgal. 11. Urban government and politics/S.A. Javeed. 12. Panchayati Raj in Karnataka: an empirical evaluation/A.T. Kittur and Harish Ramaswamy. 13. Representation of women in local government with special reference to Karnataka/Malavika M. Deshpande and S.S. Patagundi. 14. District administration in Karnataka: prospect and retrospect/S.M. Jaamdar. 15. Socio-economic bases of Karnataka Politics: a historical survey/S.H. Patil. 16. Party system in Karnataka/S.S. Patagundi. 17. Tenth Assembly Elections in Karnataka: an analysis/H.M. Rajashekara. 18. Citizens' awareness of their elected representatives/Sandeep Shastri and Harish Ramaswamy. 19. Change of priorities in planning: Karnataka/D.M. Nanjundappa. 20. The Karnataka Right to Information Act, 2000/B.K. Chandrashekar. 21. New Social Movements in Karnataka: history, strategies and discourses/Muzaffar Assadi. 22. Impact of language on Karnataka politics/Midatala Rani. 23. Communal issues and minorities/Mumtaz Ali Khan. 24. Demand for separate state--issues and problems: a study of Hyderabad Karnataka/Chandrakant Yatanoor. 25. Movement for statehood in Kodagu/P.E. Somaiah. 26. Backward classes and minorities in Karnataka politics/V.K. Natraj. 27. Karnataka land reforms: political-administrative dynamics and economic change/S.V. Deshpande. 28. The press and state politics/K.V. Nagaraj. Index.

"The twenty-eight papers in this set of three volumes provide deep insights into the understanding of the dynamics of Karnataka Government and Politics. Giving a brief account of the geography of Karnataka, they examine the process by which the modern state of Karnataka emerged.

Further tracing the origin and growth of the office of the speaker in the state, the contributors take stock of the position of the office of the Chief Minister and analyse the functional dimensions of judiciary, the role of the leader of opposition, functions of the Public Service Commission and the structure as well as working of the secretariat. They also extend discussion on the representation of women in local government, socio-economic bases of state politics, the working of party system, the dimensions of planning, impact of language of politics, implications of communal issues, the politics of separate statehood, land reforms, working of Panchayati Raj Institutions, and the role of the press in the politics of Karnataka." (jacket)

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