Poverty Poverty Alleviation and Social Disadvantage : Analysis Case Studies (3 Vols-Set)

Clem Tisdell, Serials Pub, 2007, 1248 p, 3 vols, ISBN : 8183871112, $160.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Poverty, Poverty Alleviation and Social Disadvantage: Analysis, Case Studies and Policies/Clem Tisdell

Contents: Vol. I. Preface. I. General issues: 1. Poverty, poverty alleviation, and social disadvantage: an overview/Clem Tisdell. 2. The limitations of national poverty lines and a case study for India/Raj Kumar Sen. 3. Is poverty an ethical question?/Ratan Lal Basu. 4. Inequality in distribution of world income, resulting indebtedness and suggestions for income redistribution/Tariq Saiful Islam, Md. Abdul Wadud and Qamarullah Bin Tariq Islam. 5. An assessment of the UN's millennium development goals and its millennium declaration/Clem Tisdell. 6. How do infrastructure projects benefit the poor?/Peter Warr. 7. Own-poverty evaluation network an OPEN approach to poverty assessment and monitoring for sustainable pro-poor development/Joe Remenyi and Max Kelly. 8. Measuring social disadvantage with avoidable mortality risks/Kam Ki Tang and D.S. Prasada Rao. 9. Population ageing and intra-household resource redistribution in the Asian-pacific region/Elisabetta Magnani and Anu Rammohan. 10. Poverty alleviation through access to education: can e-learning deliver?/Habibullah Khan and Jeremy B. Williams. 11. WTO and developing countries: are countries, such as India, disadvantaged?/Sheela Rai. 12. Poverty, political failure, and the use of open-access resources in developing countries/Clem Tisdell. 13. The 'Stabilisation Trap' and poverty reduction--what can monetary policy do?/Anis Chowdhury. II. India: broad features and trends: 14. Indian perception of human development: an assessment of its qualitative dimension/S.A.R. Bilgrami. 15. Mapping unemployment and poverty across different social groups in rural India/Suchitra Krishna Kumar and B.P. Vani. 16. Trends and influences on the incidence of poverty in India, particularly social influences/M. Ramanjaneyulu. 17. Population, poverty and human development in India/M.S. Gupta. 18. Poverty alleviation programmes in India: issues and challenges/S.K. Dhage. 19. Reduction of poverty in India: further perspectives/S.K. Dhage. 20. 'Nutritional intake and dynamics of undernourishment of Farm households in rural India/Praduman Kumar and Madan M. Dey. 21. Changing structure and organisation of agriculture and difficulties facing small farmers in India/Sukhpal Singh. 22. Corporate farming in India: is it the answer to overcoming competitive disadvantage?/Sukhpal Singh. 23. Demography and the welfare of women and children in South Asia: an Indian focus/J. Nirmala and Dhulasi Birundha. 24. Poverty, energy crisis and social disadvantage: an Indian focus/Siddhartha Sarkar. Index.

Vol. II. III. India: regional features and case studies: 25. Poverty and human deprivation in Assam: prevalence across districts and between groups/Saundariya Borbora and Ratul Mahanta. 26. Bihar's poverty and environmental degradation: an overview and a case study/Shyam Sunder Prasad Sharma and Chaiti Sharma Biswas. 27. Transformation of Arunachal's economy: opportunities and challenges for a less developed state/Amitava Mitra. 28. Making the integrated child development services programme more effective--lessons from a case study/S. Indrakant. 29. An assessment of a major anti-poverty programme (SGSY) for women in India/D. Rajasekhar and Sachidananda Satapathy. 30. Does a woman's participation in a credit program raise her empowerment in the household? A study in the district of Hooghly, West Bengal, India/Jyotish Prakash Basu. 31. Role of managers in success of an organization: the case of rural cooperative credit societies in India/Parikshit K. Basu and Saswati Basu. 32. Cooperatives, social integration and urbanity in rural areas: a study of dairy cooperatives in India/Basavaraj S. Benni. 33. Sustainable economic development of scheduled caste Bamboo-workers: poverty, social disadvantage and struggle for change/Anjali Chavhan. 34. Watershed development: a promising possibility for employment generation in rural Orissa/Amita Kumari Choudhury and Sunita Mishra. IV. Experiences of India's neighbours in South Asia: 35. An examination of poverty in South Asia with special reference to Sri Lanka/Arusha Cooray. 36. Bangladesh's performance and the millennium development goals: a sketch of progress/Clem Tisdell. 37. Trade policy reforms, personal income distribution and poverty in Bangladesh: evidence and analysis/Mohammad A. Hossain. 38. Poverty and income distribution in Bangladesh: issues and debates/M.A.B. Siddique. 39. Poverty alleviation programmes and policies in Nepal/Ram Khelwan Yadav. 40. Poverty, inequity and civil uprising in Nepal: causes, effects and reconstruction strategies/Kishor Sharma. 41. Presence of spatial Bias in the causality of child malnutrition in Sri Lanka/Jeevika Weerahewa and Pahan Prasada. V. Central Asia, East Asia and China: 42. Poverty, policies to alleviate poverty, and their social and political consequences in Central Asia/Richard Pomfret. 43. Rural poverty in China: a case study of Guizhou/Joseph C.H. Chai. 44. Economic reform, urban women and 'Hidden poverty' in China/Julie Jie Wen Sharon Moore. 45. Human development and poverty alleviation in South East and East Asia: a post-Crisis account/Moazzem Hossain. Index.

Vol. III. VI. South East Asia: 46. Poverty, poverty alleviation and social disadvantage in Singapore/Chew, Soon Beng and Rosalid Chew. 47. Inequality during an economic crisis: evidence from Singapore/Wankyo Chung and Pundarik Mukhopadhaya. 48. Do the poor in the informal sector in Indonesia demand social security?/Carunia Mylya Firdausy. 49. Poverty in Malaysia: new wine in old bottle?/Renuka Mahadevan. 50. How successful is poverty alleviation in Malaysia?/Renuka Mahadevan. 51. Poverty alleviation policies in Laos: trade liberalisation, road improvements and migration/Tao Kong and George Fane. 52. Poverty in Vietnam and the role of private business development in alleviating it/Ngu Viet Hoang and Duy Huu Nguyen. 53. Promoting small holder forestry as a poverty alleviation measure in the Philippines: a study focused on Leyte province/Nick Emtage, Jungho Suh, Edwin Cedamon, Steve Harrison and John Herbohn. 54. Poverty alleviation, asset distribution and equity goals in economic development: the case of Filipino cattle dispersal/L.A. Duhs. VII. Africa: 55. Micro-finance and poverty alleviation: how effective is it in alleviating gender-based poverty?/Tabitha W. Kiriti-Nganga. 56. Poverty and rural livelihoods in Kenya: evidence from a semi-arid region/Jane Kabubo-Mariara. 57. Poverty and social deprivation in Botswana: a rural case study/Pelotshweu T. Moepeng and Clem Tisdell. 58. Analysing the impacts of trade liberalisation on the women of developing countries: a case study on Tanzania/Nilufar Jahan. 59. Economic growth and poverty in Kenya: will the poverty reduction strategy paper help?/Tabitha Wagithi Kiritii-Nganga. VIII. Europe, Australia, Brazil: 60. Education, employment and social inclusion within the European Union/Laurence Lasselle and Clem Tisdell. 61. Insularity and poverty in Europe: the case of reunion island/Michel Dimou. 62. Overcoming illiteracy and English language difficulties among refugee immigrants in Australia: the role of the volunteer tutor/Mariel Tisdell. 63. Contested terrain: indigenous poverty and racist policies in Australia/B. Karin Chai. 64. Cultural homelessness among aboriginal youth--a case study from SW queensland/Anne-Katrin Eckermann and Lynette Nixon. 65. Overcoming Australian aboriginal disadvantage in culturally safe ways/Toni Dowd, Derek Collins and Dianne Roberts. 66. The benefits of clean energy financing--a Brazilian case study/Christine Farias, Hsu O'Keefe and Evangelos Djimopoulos. IX. Pacific islands focusing on Fiji: 67. Growth, inequality and poverty in the Fiji Islands: institutional constraints and issues/K.L. Sharma. 68. Poverty in Fiji: analysis, trends and causes/Sunil Kumar and Biman Prasad. 69. Poverty eradication through livelihood strategies and aid: the case of Fiji/Rukmani Gounder. 70. Issues and challenges in pro-poor tourism in South Pacific Island countries: the case of Fiji Islands/Maheshwar Rao. Index.

"Despite rapid economic progress and pledges by the developed nations to eliminate poverty, millions of people still remain in poverty globally. Most of the poverty-stricken, but not all, live in developing countries. Those who continue to be in poverty have been unable to share in the benefits of global economic growth. This shameful situation, one in which poverty persists amongst global plenty, has resulted in the United Nations declaring poverty reduction, with the ultimate aim of eliminating poverty, to be its major goal for the 21 century. Consequently, this book, Poverty, Poverty Alleviation and Social Disadvantage, provides a relevant and timely worldwide coverage and analysis of the occurrence of poverty, of policies for its alleviation, and of issues involving social disadvantage. Social disadvantage usually accompanies poverty. Most contributions to this book are interdisciplinary in character, even though economic aspects predominate. This book, after providing new general perspectives on poverty and social disadvantage and policies to address those, follows up by presenting a wide range of original national and regional studies, including some in-depth unique case studies of situations involving poverty and social disadvantage. The relative coverage of topics in this book broadly reflects the comparative geographical incidence of poverty globally. A feature of this book is that the contributions have been written by experts who have first-hand knowledge of the social issues they address." (jacket)

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