A Dictionary of South Indian Music and Musicians of Prof. P. Sambamoorthy, Vol. IV (O-S)

Edited by M B Vedavalli, The Karnatic Music Book Centre, 2007, pbk, xxi, 274 p, plates, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Dictionary of South Indian Music and Musicians of Prof. P. Sambamoorthy, Vol. IV (O-S)/edited by M.B. Vedavalli

From the Preface: "In this Dictionary, topics of interest to different classes of readers have been covered. The Professional musician as well as the teacher, writer, research scholar, student, concertgoer, radio listener and the Rasika, all alike will find this a useful reference book. Essential and relevant information on all matters have been included. Concise summaries of important operas and dance dramas have been given.

Nomenclatures pertaining to srutis and svaras have been given. Plural meanings for those technical terms which admit of them have been given.

Current terms as well as obsolete terms, current ragas as well as obsolete ragas, current talas as well as obsolete talas, current musical forms as well as obsolete musical forms and current musical instruments as well as obsolete musical instruments have been noticed in this dictionary.

Though the present book concerns itself primarily with South Indian Music and Musicians, terms, ragas, talas, composers and instruments pertaining to North Indian Music have also been included. A few terms pertaining to Western Music have also been explained. Music Institutions and societies of music are noticed under music societies. Titles conferred by musical institutions of standing, have been noticed under the particular titles and the recipients noted therein."

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