Encyclopaedia of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet (3 Vols-Set)

Anil Kathuria, Anmol, 2007, xxxiv, 926 p, 3 vols, ISBN : 8126133734, $130.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Encyclopaedia of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet/Anil Kathuria

Contents: Vol. I. Nepal: Preface. The profile. 1. Introduction. 2. Physical features. 3. History. 4. Social system. 5. Religion. 6. Culture. 7. Language and literature. 8. Education. 9. Economy. 10. Agriculture. 11. Population. 12. System of Government. Bibliography. Index.

Vol. II. Bhutan: Preface. The profile. 1. Introduction. 2. Historical background. 3. Significant land. 4. Physical profile. 5. The society. 6. The religion. 7. Art and culture. 8. Formation of a nation. 9. The economy. 10. Strategic position. 11. Foreign policy. Bibliography. Index.

Vol. III. Tibet: Preface. The profile. 1. Physical features. 2. Natural heritage. 3. The ecology. 4. Green wealth. 5. Tibetan education. 6. Progress of economy. 7. Culture and heritage. 8. Tibetan music. Bibliography. Index.

"The Kingdoms, Nepal and Bhutan are two of the poorest and least developed countries in the world. Located high in the Himalayas, Nepal and Bhutan are totally isolated. Nepal is a small country, lying across in the North of India. Tibet (in China) with its slow measured pace of life, swooping lammergeier, griffons and golden eagles is the Cultural Heartland of Inner Asia, with vibrant blue salt lakes, rare blue sheep, rarely-glimpsed snow-leopard and of course an enduring literary heritage.

'Encyclopaedia of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet' is an effort to present an objective and concise account of social, economic and political life of the people of the region." (jacket)

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