Afghanistan : Dynamics of Survival

Edited by Jagmohan Meher, Kalpaz, 2008, 312 p, ISBN : 8178356406, $33.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Afghanistan : Dynamics of Survival/edited by Jagmohan Meher

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction/Jagmohan Meher. 2. A brief historical survey of Afghanistan from its inception to 2001/Eustace D'souza. 3. Afghanistan: the Anglo-Russian rivalry/Salini Saxena. 4. The Soviet intervention in Afghanistan: the Indian response/P.M. Kamath. 5. The turmoil of Afghanistan: role of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United States/Sheel K. Asopa. 6. Post 9/11 US intervention in Afghanistan: some legal and political questions/Uttara Sahasrabuddhe. 7. Role of global Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Afghanistan: need for synergetic partnership for comprehensive development and functioning democracy/Sudha Mohan. 8. Afghan undercurrents in the underbelly of Central Asia/P.L. Dash. 9. Context and consequences of American intervention in Afghanistan in the post-9/11 strategic environment/Anand P. Mavalankar. 10. U.S. Policy in Afghanistan: the challenges and critical Dilemmas/Vaishali Singh. 11. India, Russia and Afghanistan: the strategic stakes/Jagmohan Meher. 12. Mushrraf's Afghan Mischief/Jagmohan Meher. Appendices. Bibliography. Index.

"This study is an attempt to look at the various developments in and challenges of Afghanistan with a view to understand the dynamics of survival of this land-locked country.

This is the most comprehensive and analytical study of its kind on the recent geo-political developments in Afghanistan. The authors have been very careful on putting across empirical data and ongoing trends very cohesively to understand the role of both governmental and non-governmental actors in this wartorn country. The role of regional and outside nations in the context of the country's fragmentation as well as reconstruction has also been highlighted considering the fact that these countries have an important ability to influence positively and negatively the course of developments in Afghanistan. This book should be useful for the students, teachers, diplomats, foreign policy makers, and people evincing interests in the turbulent geo-political dynamics of Afghanistan." (jacket)

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