Rainbow Redemption : New Bearings in Indian English Poetry

Edited by Binod Mishra, Adhyayan Pub, 2007, xxvi, 304 p, ISBN : 8184350180, $42.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Rainbow Redemption : New Bearings in Indian English Poetry/edited by Binod Mishra

Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. Harmonizing poetic truth and poetic beauty: a study of five major poems of Indian poetry in English/Amar Nath Prasad. 2. K.N. Daruwalla: poet of landscape and experience/Kunjo
Singh. 3. This is home: city imagery in the poetry of Adil Jussawalla/T.R. Joy. 4. Poetics of courage: the writings of contemporary women poets/Rashmi Bajaj and Aparna Batra. 5. Nissim Ezekiel: a storyteller's perception of the low and the ordinary/Shubhra Tripathi. 6. A feminist lament in Kamala Das's poetry/Kalpana Purohit. 7. Body as prison and means to salvation in the poetry of Charusheel and Allen Ginsberg/Santosh Bahadur Singh. 8. The Garbled Relic: the image of Bombay in Dilip Chitre/T.R. Joy. 9. River as woman in Lakshmi Kannan's Unquiet Waters/Malati Mathur. 10. A spell of intimate landscapes: the poetry of Prabhanjan Kumar Mishra/T.R. Joy. 11. Feminism in the works of some contemporary Indian English Women Poets/Swati Guleria. 12. Contemporary poetry in English from India's North East: a reading in ecology/eco-feminism/Nigamananda Das. 13. Textual poeticity beyond margins: a window into the poetry of Charusheel Singh/Mahendra Singh. 14. Loss of human values in Tabish Khair's South Delhi Murder/R.P. Kuchway. 15. The poetry of Dr. Charusheel: a foucauldian interpretation/Sunil K. Ray. 16. Poet's perception of Indian politicians: a study of Indian English Poetry/M.K. Mishra. 17. The rhetoric of Arun Kolatkar/Mansing G. Kadam. 18. Niranjan Mohanty: the dynamics of verse making/Ashok Kumar. 19. Emergence of an assured poetic voice: a study of Pashupati Jha's Poetry/Rashmi Gupta. 20. Life as an endless poem: an interview with Charusheel Singh/Binod Mishra. 21. The poetry of Kulbhushan Kushal: a critical study/N.K. Neb. 22. Post-colonial concerns in the poetry of C.L. Khatri/Sudhir K. Arora. 23. Love, landscape and lyricism in classical Tamil Poetry/P.J. Paul Dhanasekaran. 24. Different dimensions of love in the poetry of Pashupti Jha/B.N. Singh. Index.  

"Indian English poetry since its inception with several notable poets has come of age with many laurels in its receptacle. Indians nowadays use English with as much subtlety, ease and finesse as others. Indian English Poetry today has come of age, no doubt, but with a marked difference. The pioneers of Indian English poetry with their experiments brought an end to aridity. And soon there were clouds that invited rains. The soggy literary Indian earth over the last two centuries have given birth to innumerable poets and every year the nation finds a rainbow of Indian English poets much to the awe and envy of their western torchbearers.

India today has no dearth of poets writing in English. The present anthology discusses Indian English poets in the light of true Indian psyche that bears, burns and begets the sensations felt, desires swelled and inheritance lost in the buzz of alien aping and onslaughts of the diabolic tendencies bolting our conscience. The poets discussed in this anthology comprise both the pioneers and the present day poets who demonstrate and strengthen the aspect of Indianness in their poems. Indian English poetry is not a nest of singing birds but a kaleidoscope of all sorts of experiences. The essays included in this anthology have the variegated colours of rainbow with Indian imagination as the eighth colour. The various colours as the working force of the book include various themes bordering on space, time, values, tradition, ecology, self and politics with many sub themes formulating and fragmenting human lives. The book will facilitate the readers and lovers of poetry in understanding Indian ethos camouflaged in the day-to-day activities of Indian masses without any linguistic barrier. An attempt has also been made in this anthology to bring to light those poets who despite adequate poetic craft and talent often get ignored in the glitter and glamour of the present day world." (jacket)

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