Pali-Hindi Dictionary, Vol. I, Part I. A -- Ahosi

Edited by Ravindra Panth, Nava Nalanda Mahavihara, 2007, xxvi, 734 p, ISBN : 8188242144, $95.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Pali-Hindi Dictionary, Vol. I, Part I. A -- Ahosi/edited by Ravindra Panth

From the Preface: "The present Pali-Hindi dictionary will serve two purposes: (i) it will fulfill the long cherished desires of the students and the researchers; (ii) it will quench the thirst of the common people interested in knowing the ambrosia-like Dhamma of the Buddha. Keeping all these in mind and considering the necessity and expectations of those, who will use this dictionary, very useful and choicest words have been collected from the Pali-Tipitaka and Anupitaka literature and included in the dictionary with their proper meanings and real interpretations. It is not possible to include all the Pali words in a dictionary which have been used in the entire Pali literature. Nevertheless the compilers of this dictionary had been cautious enough and vigilant in every step so that any useful word must not slip or be omitted.

This is necessary to make it clear as regards the meanings and explanations of the words adopted in this dictionary that to understand the real meaning of a word suitable quotations and examples are given especially from the Pali-Tipitaka, Atthakathas, Mulatikas and while giving meaning of a word the compilers did not depend only on the etymology of the word but also on the explanations of the word given in the Atthakathas, Tikas and Anutikas. This will help the readers to know the synonyms of the word as well as to ascertain the doctrinal meaning implied in a particular world. The only available dictionary in Pali language i.e. the Abhidhanappadipika with its Suci has been immensely utilised here to ascertain their proper meaning of a particular word. For the derivations of the words the Pali grammatical works like Kaccayana-vyakarana, Moggallana-vyakarana and Saddaniti have been consulted wherever necessary."

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