Contemporary Afro-American Literature : A Study of Man and Society

Mani Sinha, Satyam Pub, 2007, vi, 154 p, ISBN : 8188134643, $22.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contemporary Afro-American Literature : A Study of Man and Society/Mani Sinha

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Antecedents. 3. Contemporary Afro-American literature. 4. James Baldwin 'Man and Writer'. 5. Society in the novels of James Baldwin. 6. 'Man' -- a study of Baldwin's characters. 7. Novelist as craftsman. 8. Conclusion. Bibliography.

"This book attempts to analyze the glorious history of Afro-American literature, with special emphasis on James Baldwin, who was one of the first articulators of the modern black movement. Tracing the tradition in Afro-American writing, it studies various trends in the contemporary Negro writing in order to place Baldwin in the tradition of Afro-American literature.

The study further deals with the life, career and ideas of Baldwin as well as the role of his personal experiences in shaping his characters, their experience, behaviour and lifestyles. It also explains the social forces working behind the behaviour of his characters. Finally, it discusses at length the literary aspects of Baldwin's novels." (jacket)

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