Tourism Development : Problems and Prospects

Yashodhara Jain, APH, 2013, Reprint, xx, 124 p, tables, maps, ISBN : 8131303450, $45.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Tourism Development : Problems and Prospects/Yashodhara Jain

Contents: Preface. Introduction. A. 1. Tourism - a general study. 2. Introduction of the city. B. 3. Brief description of historical monuments and other attraction in Lucknow. 4. Planning problems and prospects related to tourism in Lucknow. 5. Planning and development of tourism industry. 6. Planning and industry. Bibliography. Index.

Lucknow is one of the few places in India which offer manifold attractions to tourists. This city has immense potential for development of tourism which has not been fully harnessed. The present study is empirical and analytic suggesting ways and means for development of Lucknow as a tourist centre. A framework has been provided for the analysis of tourism both as an economic activity of great significance as well as a phenomenon in cultural contacts and international understanding. The book offers a fascinating glimpse of rich culture and grand architecture of Lucknow. (jacket)

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