A New Encyclopaedia of Rajasthan (3 Vols-Set)

Edited by S R Bakshi, Rima Pub, 2007, xii, 638 p, 3 Vols, 20 plates, tables, $250.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A New Encyclopaedia of Rajasthan/edited by S.R. Bakshi

Contents: Vol. I: 1. Geology and physical background. 2. Introduction: from Rajputana to Rajasthan. 3. Social conditions in Rajasthan. 4. History of the Rajput States. 5. Cornwallis and Barlow: revival of non-intervention. 6. Minto: Non-Intervention Continued. 7. Geography and population. 8. Flora and Fauna. Bibliography.

Vol. II: 1. Agriculture in Rajasthan. 2. Economic life. 3. Artisans and production. 4. Changing agricultural scene. 5. The welfare departments. 6. Jails. 7. Religion and social structure. 8. Pushti Marga: origin and growth. 9. Horticulture. Bibliography.

Vol. III: 1. The literary heritage. 2. Some aspects of society and culture of Rajasthan. 3. Amusements and sports. 4. Shaivism in Rajasthan. 5. The Bhakti Cult in Rajasthan. 6. Educational institutions in Rajasthan. 7. Rajasthan paintings. 8. Public instruction. 9. The foundation of Udaipur. 10. Rites and customs. 11. The archives and records. 12. Nathdwara Temple. 13. How the state is governed. 14. Animal and birds. Bibliography.

"This book dwells on the history of Rajasthan which has a unique historical character and is deeply connected with the race of Rajputs who through their bravery and valour have faced the onslaughts of the Muslim Invaders through-out the Centuries. Besides this the people of Rajasthan are very advanced in Folk Culture and they are considered to be great Craftsman.

The Rajasthan State has world famous cities, Pink City Jaipur, Lake City Jaipur, Palace City Jodhpur and Bikaner are world famous cities for their architecture and landscape. After the reorganisation of states of India in 1956, all the Rajputana States were integrated into one state of Rajasthan. There has been tremendous educational progress in the state after independence and Universities like Rajasthan University in Jaipur, Agricultural University in Udaipur and other Universities in Ajmer and Kota have come up. Besides Hindus there are Muslims also in the state in large numbers and the Dargah of Moinuddin Chisti in Ajmer is famous all over the world for the Muslims, who pay obeisance to the place every year in thousands. The states have produced many eminent personalities like Maharani Gaitari Devi, one of the seven most beautiful ladies of the world during her youth and Shri Bhairon Singh Shekhavat, who is at present the Vice President of India and Shri Mohan Lal Sukhadia who was the Builder of Modern Rajasthan." (jacket)

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